Grant Agreement #828890   //   Call: H2020-FETOPEN 2018-2019-2020-01

Obducat AB


Obducat NIL systems are equipped with a full area imprint capability, using the patented Soft Press technology, which has proven to enable replication of nanostructures down to 20 nm, with very thin and uniform residual layers on a variety of different substrates such as silicon, sapphire, GaN and flexible substrates. Obducat NIL technology enables both thermal NIL and UV-NIL as well as the unique and patented Simultaneous Thermal and UV (STU®) NIL process. In addition, Obducat has developed and patented the Intermediate Polymer Stamp (IPS®) technology, where a master stamp is replicated onto a soft polymer, which is then used to make the final imprint on a target substrate. This technology enables a high yield level and a significantly longer master stamp lifetime compared to the direct imprint.


Contributing Persons:

  • Responsible: Dr. Kristian Thulin
  • Dr. Ye Zhou Persson
Obducat Technologies AB OTAB