Grant Agreement #828890   //   Call: H2020-FETOPEN 2018-2019-2020-01

Universite’ de Lausanne


In the microfluidics laboratory at ISTE novel experiments are developed to reproduce and observe a confined environment (such as soil) where chemical reactions, microbial growth and fluid flow coexist. Time-lapse video microscopy and image analysis are used to quantify the coupling between these small-scale processes descripted in NARCISO project. Computational and theoretical approaches are also developed to understand and upscale the variety of flow and mixing driven scenarios that are investigated, e.g. models for larger scale applications such as bioremediation, filtration or horizontal gene transfer in soil.

Contributing Persons:

  • Responsible: Dr. Pietro De Anna
  • Dr. David Scheidweiler​
  • Dr. Ankur Deep Bordoloi
Institute of Earth Sciences of the University of Lausanne
pietro de anna
Dr. Pietro De Anna
David Scheidweiler
Dr. David Scheidweiler
Ankur Deep Bordoloi
Dr. Ankur Deep Bordoloi