Grant Agreement #828890   //   Call: H2020-FETOPEN 2018-2019-2020-01

Technische Universität Dresden


The modeling and simulation skills on material processing on nano- and micro-structures are well attested by the high number of papers published by the group in this field. The main research expertise is in continuous modeling of phase transitions by phase field models and multiscale methods bridging the atomistic scale with material properties by phase field crystal models. Besides these modeling expertise the second focus is on efficient numerical algorithms to solve these equations on massively parallel computers: the software AMDiS, indeed, is an adaptive finite element software which was developed at IWR and allows efficient simulations of general partial differential equations on high performance computers.

Contributing Persons:

  • Responsible: Prof. Axel Voigt
  • Dr. Marco Salvalaglio
  • Dr. Mirko Residori
Technische Universität Dresden
Axel Voigt
Prof. Axel Voigt
Marco Salvalaglio
Dr. Marco Salvalaglio
Dr. Mirko Residori