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Month: March 2022

Italian Quantum Weeks: Apr 5-12, 2022

By Monica Bollani

  NARCISO supports the Italian Quantum Weeks in the interactive exhibition “Dire l’indicibile: la sovrapposizone quantistica”. See the attached flyer for details   The Italian Quantum Weeks are a set of events promoted by Italian engineers, physicists, science communicators and educators for the first World Quantum Day (14 April 2022). The aim is to raise…

New paper released

By Monica Bollani

The UNIFI team has recently published the following paper:   Nicoletta Granchi, Richard Spalding, Matteo Lodde, Maurangelo Petruzzella, Frank W. Otten, Andrea Fiore, Francesca Intonti, Riccardo Sapienza, Marian Florescu and Massimo Gurioli,  ” Near-Field Investigation of Luminescent Hyperuniform Disordered Materials” Advanced Optical Materials 2102565 (2022)