Grant Agreement #828890   //   Call: H2020-FETOPEN 2018-2019-2020-01

European Optical Society Annual Meeting, EOSAM

By Monica Bollani
EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM) 2022



12 – 16 September 2022, Porto, Portugal

Three contributions have been brought to this meeting:

  1. Dark-field scanning Hyperspectral imaging of SiGe dewetted Mie resonator
    Author(s): Fagiani, Luca; Granchi, Nicoletta; Salvalaglio, Marco; Barri, Chiara; Ristori, Andrea; Montanari, Michele; Gurioli,
    Massimo; Abbarchi, Marco; Voigt, Axel; Intonti, Francesca; Vincenti, Maria Antonietta; Bollani,
    Presenting Author: Fagiani, Luca (ORAL presentation)
    Submission Type / Conference Track: TOM 5 Resonant Nanophotonics 
  2. Engineering high Q/V photonic modes in correlated disordered systems
    Author(s): Granchi, Nicoletta; Spalding, Richard; Stokkereit, Kris; Lodde, Matteo; Fiore, Andrea; Sapienza, Riccardo; Intonti,
    Francesca; Florescu, Marian; Gurioli, Massimo
    Presenting Author: Granchi, Nicoletta
    Submission Type / Conference Track: TOM 5 Resonant Nanophotonics  
  3. NAtuRal instability of semiConductors thIn SOlid films for sensing and photonic applications: NARCISO project.
    Presenting Author: Monica Bollani (invited speaker)