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Two new publications

By Monica Bollani
dewetted Si1-xGex structures

The NARCISO team has released two new publications.

Find them in the Publications page or directly here below.


Congratulations to all authors!

DF micro-spectroscopy characterization of dewetted Si80Ge20 island
DF micro-spectroscopy characterization of dewetted Si80Ge20 island

Nicoletta Granchi, Michele Montanari, Andrea Ristori, Mario Khoury, Mohammed Bouabdellaoui, Chiara Barri, Luca Fagiani, Massimo Gurioli, Monica Bollani, Marco Abbarchi, Francesca Intonti

“Near-field hyper-spectral imaging of resonant Mie modes in a dielectric island”

APL Photonics, 6, 126102 (2021);

Luca Fagiani, Nicoletta Granchi, Attilio Zilli, Chiara Barri, Francesco Rusconi, Michele Montanari, Erfan Mafakheri, Michele Celebrano, Mohammed Bouabdellaoui, Marco Abbarchi, Francesca Intonti, Anjam Khursheed, Paolo Biagioni, Marco Finazzi, Maria Antonietta Vincenti, Monica Bollani

"Linear and nonlinear optical properties of dewetted SiGe islands"

Optical Materials: X, 13, 100116, (2022),

FDTD simulations
FDTD simulations